Monday, November 22, 2010

everything fondant...

I searched high and low for the perfect cake for Matthew's 1st birthday party.  I found a very adorable cake - a nautical cake covered and decorated in fondant.  There was a catch though.  The CO$T!  I just didn't have the heart to spend so much on a cake.  Thankfully, I'm surrounded with talented people.  Thanks to Jasmin, Matthew had an awesome cake and thanks to Audrey for the wonderful cupcakes.

Because of how hard it was to find the perfect cake at an affordable price, I wanted to learn how to bake and decorate with fondant.  For Matthew's dedication, with Audrey's help, we made cupcakes decorated with fondant with Matthew's initials on them.  They were a hit with the kids at church!

The next time I baked, I was on my own.  Audrey went back to school in Vermont so I was going solo.  I volunteered to make turtle cakes for Elena and Evan's birthday party back in August.  To make sure I don't ruin their special day, I created a test cake (dark green and bright yellow turtle).  For the actual party, I made the turtles in pastel colors since it was a kid's birthday party.  I also made cupcakes to match the luau theme.  It was also Danielle's birthday that day so I made an extra cake for her.  A round cake decorated in yellow and green fondant.  Lesson learned on first solo project - give yourself extra time to make decorations!

Since I really enjoyed making the cakes for Elena and Evan's party, I have since then been looking for reasons to bake.  I was really glad that Jasmin let me make the cake for Asher's 3rd birthday party.  I made an Alvin and the Chipmunks themed cake for his birthday.  Thank God for Google image search!  I found a cake and tried to replicate it.  It was a chocolate cake decorated with fondant.  Everything was edible except for the figurines and candles.  I wasn't too happy with the cake.  The whole time I kept praying it won't fall over.  I am blessed with sisters at church who showered me with compliments.  Appreciation of my work really helps me continue to want to learn and improve.  Lesson learned on Chipmunks cake:  I still have a lot to learn about multi-layered cakes and that dowels isn't just about putting sticks in the cake!

I thank God each day for the skills and talents He has blessed me with.  I still have a lot to learn about baking and decorating but it sure is one thing I enjoy doing.  It is work and requires time but it's a de-stressing activity for me.

Thanks Jo Anne and Jasmin for taking the risk and letting me make the cakes for your kiddo's birthdays!  Who's birthday is coming up next? :)

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