Thursday, December 2, 2010

How to make a Turtle Cake

I have been learning how to decorate with fondant and it's been so much fun.  The very first cake I made using fondant decorations was a Turtle cake.  This one was a trial cake for 2 turtle cakes that I was going to make for a friend's babies birthdays.

Here are the things I used to create the cake:
* 9x3 contour pan for the body
* mini ball pan for the head
* cupcakes turned upside down for the feet

Here's a step-by-step pictures of how I decorated the cake with fondant:
~covered the body of the turtle with green fondant~

~used round cookie cutters for the yellow spots~

~covered the head (made up of 2 halves from the mini ball pan) with green fondant and attached it to the body~

~covered the feet (made of cupcakes turned upside down) with green fondant and attached it to the body~

~rolled yellow fondant into a rope and attached it around the turtle's body/shell~

~rolled green fondant into little balls for the fingers~

~used the back of a knife to imprint the mouth/smile on the turtle's face~

~used brown M&M's for the turtle's eyes~

Of course, I always tend to forget something.  It turns out, I forgot to add the turtle's tail!  It was totally forgotten that even the two turtles I made for the birthday party didn't have tails!  Not too bad, only one person noticed it :)

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  1. Thanks for posting the instructions. I made my first fondant cake "LEGOS" for my gransdons 8th birthday - I had so much fun with it! Then I went onto making a "Cheese/Lettuce/Tomatoe Burger" fondant cake for my family picnic. After showing pictures of both I have been asked to make a "Turtle" theme for a Baby Boy Shower. I also did some legos with rice krispies and covered with fondant-maybe I'll make some small turtles to go with this! Thanks Again!