Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Shoe Cake


 A friend requested this cake for her husband.  She had a basketball theme for his birthday and said that he's always wanted a pair or Jordans.

At first, I didn't think I'd be able to make this cake.  It seemed like too many details that I've never done before.  But as my husband always say: "do it one step at a time, easy ones first" and surprisingly, I did it!  I wanted to take step by step photos but I was a bit nervous that I won't enough have time to finish all the details this shoe needed.

Here are the steps I followed in making this cake:
  1. Bake two 9-inch square cakes.
  2. Cut the cakes in half and stack.  One of the pieces I cut a third off.  This give mes 5 layers total.
  3. Fill and ice the cake with chocolate buttercream.
  4. Smooth the buttercream using the Viva paper towel method.
  5. Cover the cake with fondant (I could have skipped this step if plain/white buttercream was used).
  6. Here's the order I placed the details on the shoe:
    • black fondant on the base of the shoe
    • white over the black fondant on the base of the shoe
    • gray over the white fondant on the base of the shoe then used the back of a knife to put lines
    • white fondant at the back of the shoe (area with the Jordan image)
    • white fondant for the sides of the shoe
    • rolled black fondant into a string and placed it on top of the cake towards the back of the shoe
    • rolled white fondant for the shoe lace and placed it on top of the shoe
    • cut white fondant strips for the sides of the shoe
    • place the white fondant strips on the side and tucked the shoe lace under the strip
    • cut a small strip of black fondant and embed the celebrant's name
    • used the pin prick method to place the Jordan image
I wished I carved it some more after seeing the finished cake but I was still happy with the overall outcome of the cake.  This was the first carved cake I made without using any templates after all :)

Happy Birthday Hansel!

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