Monday, February 28, 2011

Pretty Ladies!

A make-up kit cake for the beautiful ladies!  This cake was requested by a friend for her sister's 25th birthday.  Her sister was a hair and make-up artist, making this make-up kit cake perfect for her.  It was a chocolate cake with chocolate icing covered with fondant.  All the decorations, make-up, bracelet and name were made from fondant.  This design is based on this cake.

The cake was made using two 9-inch round cakes.  A little portion of the cake was cut off for the bottom of the purse.  For every cake that I make, I seem to always learn a lesson.  For this one, I think using two square cakes, cutting them in half, stacking them and then carving the sides to form the shape would have held up better.  Using the round cake made the cake tilt a bit.  Not too obvious in the picture since it was tilting backwards.  Thankfully, they still loved the cake!  I've been told that I am too harsh on myself when it comes to the cakes I make.  I say there's always room for improvement!

Happy Birthday Heather!

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