Thursday, March 10, 2011

Speed Skate

The speed skate was made from a 9x13 chocolate cake, cut, stacked and carved.  All the decorations are made from fondant.  The block is also made of chocolate cake, covered and decorated with fondant.  The base cake is a two layer 9x13 chocolate cake.

Although I have made a shoe cake before, this one presented an extra challenge.  I was determined to have the skate stand on its blade.  At first, it seemed impossible.  Then after searching online on forums and blogs, one suggestion that stuck out was to use dowels.  One thing with that suggestion, I didn't think it would completely support the shoe.  I was afraid that the shoe will tilt to the side and fall over.  While chatting with a friend, we came up with a solution.  A block to put under the shoe to support its side! Genius! It totally worked.

I hope the birthday boy enjoyed this cake as much as I enjoyed making it :)

Happy Birthday William!

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